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2009-2010 Stats                 Over the counter sleep aid equivalent to ambien       2007-2008 Videos/Stats       2007-2008 Season        2006-2007 Season         2005-2006 Season        Past State Qualifiers


ftp://www.webcaststudios.com/andersonwrestlingvideos.com/State Qualifiers Home_files/image001.jpg



Past State Qualifiers

(All-State Wrestlers identified with an *)


Year                    Wrestler                    Weight                Record          State Record      Finish


2010-2011           Jordan Krenek           112lbs                 40-4                    3-1               2nd*


2009-2010         Jordan Krenek           112lbs                 32-7                    0-2


2008-2009         Daisey Gonzales         128lbs                 8-7                      0-2

                           Austin Moore             140lbs                 39-5                    0-2

                           Jack Squier               152lbs                 42-8                    0-2


2007-2008                               Anderson comes in 28th place in the State of Texas with 28 points!

Austin Moore             135lbs                 34-11                   1-2

                           Bobby Barney            140lbs                 40-1                    3-1               2nd *

                           Andrew Menke           189lbs                 36-11                   0-2


2006-2007         Anderson comes in 20th place in the State of Texas with 10 wins and 30 points!

Joshua Yuga              130lbs                 35-8                    0-2

                           Bobby Barney            140lbs                 39-3                    4-2               5th *

                           Miles McHale             160lbs                 38-7                    1-2

                           Scott Burger              180lbs                 45-3                    5-1                3rd *


2005-2006                               LeAnn Barney            119lbs                 24-3                    3-2               4th *

Michael Baker            119lbs                 24-12                  Alternate

Bobby Barney            135lbs                 36-8                    0-2

                           Miles McHale             152lbs                 34-10                  0-2

                           Jacob Krell                160lbs                 29-9                    1-2

                           Scott Burger              171lbs                 20-9                    0-2       


2004-2005         Jacob Krell                160lbs                 29-16                  0-2


2003-2004         Craig Burger        171lbs                 34-13                  Alternate

Evan Sikes                 189lbs                 25-11                   0-2

                           Charlie Tanner           275lbs                16-7                    1-2


2002-2003         Colin McHale              140lbs                                             2-2


2001-2002                                 Chris Portillo             103lbs                                             0-2

Victor Ramirez           125lbs                                            0-2


2000-2001         Casey Niece               130lbs                                             1-2

                           Jorel Garcia               189lbs                                             0-2


1999-2000         Orquidea Cumpian      128lbs                                             0-2


Ivan Torres               119lbs                                             3-3               6th*

                           Daniel Black               180lbs                                             0-2


1998-1999                                   Girls team places 6th in State!

Crystal Stone             102lbs                                             2-1               2nd*

                           Orquidea Cumpian      128lbs                                             2-1               2nd*


Ivan Torres               103lbs                                             0-2

Carlos Torres             119lbs                                             1-2

Shawn Alff                125lbs                                             0-2

Tim Scarborough       145lbs                                             0-2

David Guy                   152lbs                                             2-2

Kyle Hogan                 160lbs                                             0-2

Daniel Black               180lbs                                             1-2


1995-1996          Ryan Jestile                                                                                          6th*



If you know of other state qualifiers from the past, please send in the info so we can include it on this list.